CHEN YIYUAN品牌是设计师陈艺元于2015年创立的同名品牌,陈艺元曾以第 一名的成绩毕业于法国巴黎 ESMOD,早期作品曾获学院“风格奖”、“ 艺术家们 ” “ 媒体风格奖 ”等。多年来,陈艺元的设计风格以大胆、随意、热情刻画品牌的灵魂,每个系列体现出对所有未知事物的兴趣——从精致的火柴棒到对鬼怪的赞歌,新的思想与创意的诞生总能启迪设计师源源不断的灵感,CHEN YIYUAN品牌发展至今已在全球26家店铺售卖,陈艺元所设计的时尚、精致极具创意的配饰充分体现了当代都市的简洁、自信的个性,故深受全球众多时尚明星青睐和追捧,并广泛被成功人士及潮流人士所认同。2019年陈艺元推出同名宠物首饰系列,以幽默和时髦的风格深受铲屎官的喜爱。

CHEN YIYUAN is a brand of the same name founded by designer CHEN YIYUANin 2015. CHEN YIYUAN graduated from ESMOD in Paris, France who won thematch at that time.His early works have won the "Style Award" of  the college,"Artists" and "Media Style Award". Over the years, the design style of subsidencethat hold the bold, optional, enthusiasm to depict the spirit of the brand, and each series shows interest in all the unknown - from delicate matches to interpret a ghost, the birth of new and creative ideas will always inspire designers a steady stream of inspiration, the development of stars CHEN YIYUAN brand has 26 stores sold worldwide, subsidence yuan designed by fashion, exquisite deserve to act the role of innovative fully embodies the contemporary urban concise, confident personality, so favored by many global fashion star and sought after, and widely successful personage and people the same trend. In 2019, Chen yiyuan launched the pet jewelry series of the same name, which is deeply loved by the officials for its humor and fashionable style.






2015年在巴黎创立同名珠宝配饰品牌CHEN YIYUAN


2008 Graduated with the first grade from ESMOD,

and awarded the“Style Prize”and“Media-Adore”by the Academy

2010 Won the Design Award of the Eyewear Design and Innovation of Tokyo PARIS-MIKI Co. Ltd

2012 Established CHEN YIYUAN jewelry and accessory brand in Paris

2015 Established Beijing office

Now travels from Paris, Beijing and Shenzhen